The Final Countdown…….


Just 6 days until Chris and I board the airplane and head to Romania to share the hope of Jesus with ALL who will listen! I am honored to be apart of the amazing team of people God has prepared to go. God has mended our hearts together into the passion of sharing the message of Christ and equipping them to carry on that passion for generations to come! Sometimes as I am praying for those lives I will step into while I am there, I imagine what there faces will look like and what color eyes they will have. I wonder if they even feel how beautifully and wonderfully made they are? Oh how I pray that there hearts are open to receive EVERYTHING Christ has to offer them. Two worlds will collide Nov.5-15th and I am expecting God to “Show-Out!!!!!!”

Pray with me that our team serves God with authenticity. That we remember the POWER is in Gods presence and that He changes lives, we are just the avenue He chooses to take to reach His destination. Oh, that we would remember it is about PEOPLE and not our own agendas or desires. If it is at all possible to post updates while we are there I will. I certainly will when we return. Thanks for praying and please don’t stop!



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