My Grandfather


I just wanted to share some absolutely amazing occurrences from this weekend! On Saturday my grandfather whom I have only met twice accepted Christ! He has been very ill and there is not much hope of him overcoming the multitude of things that have overtaken his body. As I type this he is undergoing emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding. He has a 10% chance of coming through the surgery but a long way to go to being a well man. You know there is something absolutely amazing about the peace of God. Today I watched my dad receive healing from years of disassociation from his dad. The power of God came upon my grandfather and allowed my dad to say ” I love you dad and in return my grandfather to say I love you too, son”! Amazing, something only GOD can do. My God is a God of the here and now. He has the ability to make time stand still and with one simple ask of forgiveness, replace hurt with love. I don’t know all the hurdles that are left to overcome nor do I know if my grandfather will live another day but there is one thing that I am absolutely sure of. He is heaven bound!!!!! I cannot think of a better place to be after a spiritual birth or to get to know a loved one you have never had an opportunity to meet. This is something to celebrate and so I am doing a “happy dance” with the angels in heaven. Death is bitter/sweet for believers but I know and have felt His peace that passes ALL understanding! When God allows me to be apart of moments like this I cannot help but to desire to be about my fathers business! I just wanted to share my bitter/sweet news with you and ask that you pray for my family. There are many others who have not accepted Christ and it is my prayer that God uses this opportunity to draw them to Him!

Thanks for praying and let’s be about our Fathers business!

P.S.- There were “15” young people baptized today in church! AWESOME



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