R U feeling it today? You know the kind of day when the alarm clock goes off and you slap the snooze to catch that extra five kind of day. You hear the rain hitting up against the roof and you wish sometimes schools and work would close for rain like they do for snow kind of days. Lay on the couch ( in your pj’s) and sip coffee and read kind of day! Boy oh boy am I feeling it today. Of course I am because I have a trillion things to mark off my TO-DO list and I could not possibly embrace the way I am feeling today! Rest assured as I am typing that I am NOT complaining just pondering or maybe wishful thinking! O.K. I am dreaming so dream on, right! Mind over matter and I have the power to accomplish ALL that I must today! Which brings me to the GOD nugget I would like to share with you since He so graciously shared with me! Yesterday I was reading in 1 Corinthians chapter 4 and when I came to verse 20 POW there it was – the NUGGET! The kingdom of our GOD is NOT a matter of talk but of POWER! Whew, I have got cold chills! Paul was saying that some of the Corinthians were all talk with no substance to back it up but not our GOD, He is POWER POWER POWER! He can heal whenever He wants, He can extend peace when He wants, He can give life and take life whenever He wants, He can reconcile when He wants, He can restore when He wants, He can release joy when He wants or He can speak TRUTH to us when He wants! Did I mention that He is ALL POWERFUL! I know that there are some things God doesn’t really mean for us to grasp this side of heaven, He just wants us to trust Him. This is one He wants us to grasp in the here and now! Acts 1:8, But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you! Coolest thing ever- when we receive Him we receive POWER! It is not a matter of can I do it but will I allow His power within me to be at work and DO IT!!!!!! So really it is a mind and heart over matter thing! Go forth in His power and accomplish what He prepared the way for you to do. Even if we don’t have all the details or if we are not sure of the how to just allow His Holy Power to set you apart and empower you to do your ministry. As I was reminded just this morning that it is not about position it ‘s about people! Let’s not seek great things for ourselves let’s seek a GREAT GOD!

I’ve Got The POWER because greater is He that is in me than he who is in this world!

I am a wimp but because of His power in me I am becoming a warrior!

I bless you with much JOY,



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