Change, a word often followed with much anxiety! For me if it involves anything other than a new hairstyle then I do not willingly embrace it. I fall into the category of people labeled “Control Freaks”. I like to know where I am going, how I am getting there, which direction I am taking, who will it involve, how long the process will take, what will my sacrifice be, who will it effect etc.etc.etc. I know I know,hard to believe a mom of three, one special needs child, two “special needs” children without the genetic diagnosis, a husband in the ministry and school, working ministry and a job, two in dance, one in speech could possibly have an issue with change! This is the part where God shows me His humorous side and keeps my life in constant change. As long as we live upon this earth our lives will be ever changing. Sometimes it will be good change and sometimes it will the the kind of change James speaks of in Ch.1:2.  It seems like lately this topic keeps popping up all around me.  I know it is difficult to swallow the joy factor of suffering. When life has thrown you down in the mud and is slinging you unmercifully from side to side swallowing a big gulp of JOY is excruciating! I’m just being REAL with you, it ain’t easy(excuse my poor grammar)!

 God never changes. He is always the same. He has always been and will forever be. Seasons change, we grow older and beauty fades, love grows deeper and hearts let go but God remains. From beginning to end from everlasting to everlasting. I have God bumps right now just thinking about the same Almighty God that causes the sun to shine and the wind to blow is the same God that formed me with precise description and placed a purpose on my life. Then when he breathed the breath of life into me he sealed my destination with eternity. The icing on the cake is that in this life of twists and turns He remains, UNCHANGING! Not only do I receive joy in my change because He is refining me but I receive comfort because He is always the same, NEVER CHANGING.

Much Joy



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