Recently my bro had an assignment given to him in one of his seminary classes. He had to ask certain people to evaluate his negative intra-personal traits! Whew, talk about difficult! Well maybe not so difficult for those who were assessing him but difficult for him the one being assessed! Of course he called upon me to this difficult task! Now had we been much younger I would have probably had a field day with this one as I did with so many other things back then! God does have perfect timing and I do have to say it was difficult for me to tell him negative things about his personality! Like who am I to tell someone else things they need to change about their personality. Then it hit me that we as children of God have to be willing to be sifted and refined in order to be imitators of Christ. To shine like stars in this dark world! After I finished responding to the assignment I decided that I was going to create the same assignment for myself, so for the next few weeks I am going to ask certain people to assess my intra-personal traits! No, this is not to torture myself only to move forward in truth to IMITATE CHRIST!

I will be honest and keep you guys posted on the comments and outcome!

Happy Tuesday on Wednesday!



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