Just Be Still


Has God ever jumped right off the pages of scripture and spoken to you? He did to me today! Lately I have been in an identity crisis. I dont know why but I have just felt a sense of what am I supposed to be doing? What area of my life needs more focus? What minisrty at church should I be involved in? God, what is my purpose for you in this season of my life? ETC ETC ETC………. During my quiet time this morning I came across Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!” I am not kidding you I felt the whisper from God Almighty Himself say to me just be still Tabitha dont jump ahead of me, dont fall back into the same patterns from your past! I am here and I do have something for you to do and guess what I will share it with you when the time is right! Right now I require of you to BE STILL! I am the worlds worst at moving in my fast pace life and crying out to God for help in the midst of my chaos and NEVER even STOPPING to listen to the voice of God! Oh yes He speaks, I mean come on He told the winds and waves to be still!!!!! Shame on me for steppin in His space and messin up His schedule! O.K. this is the COOL PART COOL PART COOL PART- I had to be still to be still! If I had not been seeking through prayer and fellowship in His word He could not have said to me BE STILL TAB!!!!! Any preacher, speaker, teacher or leader could have spoken on Psalm 46:10 and read that scripture aloud in my midst and I am convinced it would not have registered with me! I mean how many times have I read or heard that scripture!!!!! I encourage you to be still so you can be still!!!! Maybe you are not in an identity crisis right now and everything is falling in place for you! Remember everyone goes through the where do I belong feelings from time to time and only when we are in the mind set of Psalm 46:10 will we find it!!!

“Being is so much harder than doing, is’nt it? So just be don’t do!!!!”

Much Joy and Love


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