“New Beginnings”


WOW- This week has been a multitude of new beginnings for The Lewis Fam! All three of the kids started a new school: k-5, !st grade and 6th grade. Yes, that would be MIDDLE SCHOOL! I have moved to a new schedule at work so I can be home with the kids and also am in the process of moving into the position of Director of Ministries for DRM! Chris started school for the new semester and is really concentrating on filling his speaking schedule ! Whew, talk about change! The only thing I embrace change with without anxiety is my hair style! Marybeth is growing up and she WILL make new friends in the new overwhelming atmosphere of 6-8 graders! Topher WILL eat and he wont get lost in the sea of ALL those BIG kids and Gracie WILL find her classroom and remember her codes. Good gravey, as if it is not enough for a mother to release her children into an unknown world where survival is a must and sometimes they eat there own that we also have the worries of will they eat and find there classroom! If you have been there and done that then you feel my pain! Why are there not support groups for mothers who drop there kids off at a new school! That would be “MWDTKOANS”! Who knows maybe I will start one!
I have heard several sermons on God’s Grace alot in the past few days! He sure has released extra doses on me lately and I sure have needed it! The love and favor of God is definitely something I dont deserve yet He always provides Grace for every new beginning. I recognized this morning that He will never lead me anywhere, good or bad, that He will not give me the grace to walk through. AMAZING, even though I knew that, today I REALLY know that! We have this motto in our house that everday that God blesses us with is a ” DO-OVER”, a New Beginning!
Whether you are in a new beginning of your own or you feel like your stuck in a mundane routine you still need God’s Grace. My hope and prayer is that you find it because if you belong to Him it certainly is there!!!! Dont overlook it, grab it and embrace it because you are going through this thing called life regardless. His Grace is what makes it bearable!

If you are out there in blog world and I dont know you send me a comment so I can know you! If I do know you I am so glad I do!

” Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find GRACE to HELP us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Much Joy and Love


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