” Celebrate “


Last night some friends and I gathered for dinner to ” Celebrate “ the birthday of our dear friend Cindy!!!! The evening started off with much laughter and great silliness without ANY hesitation! I absolutely cannot get with these chicks without acting crazy! Laughter is like a good medicine for the soul and boy did our souls get medicated. Then by the end of the evening, after birthday cake, I realized we had moved from Celebrating Cindy’s birthday to celebrating God. How awesome is that. When it boils right down to it He is what life is ALL about. He is the greatest friend we could ever have. I love the scripture in John 15:13-16 where God tells us that no greater love hath any man that he lay down his life for his friends. We are not called his servants because a servant doesn’t know his masters business but he calls us friend. Incredible I think that God considers those who keep his commands his friends. I dont know about you but I want to know Him soooo intimately I can taste it. For Him to be my every breath, my every thought, my all consuming passion. I want Him to be my dearest friend.

 I am sooo thankful that I have been blessed with friends that love God as much as I do and we share His love together! PRICELESS!

I leave you with this. Is God your best friend? Is He your friend at all? He gave us a simple requirement to be considered His friend, keep my commands. Seek to know me through my word, through time in conversation with me, live your life for me and not for this world! After all He Died on a cross a very excruciating death for you and me. Nothing we could ever do could compare to His ultimate sacrifice for our friendship!

“God sees us as we really are, and He sees us as we’ll really be.”


This is a picture of us “celebrating”! Cindy is in the yellow shirt. She turned 21 (hahaha).



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